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We value our patients' experience at Adjustfirst Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. John Jennings

"For ten years, I had been experiencing back pain and muscle pain and spasms that continued to get worse each year. In October of 2012, I developed severe neck pain and headaches. The pain was debilitating. I couldn’t work out, my sleep was affected, and overall my quality of life was going down.

My medical doctors didn’t know why I was having so much pain and couldn’t find a cause. They wanted to treat me for fibromyalgia and just give me pills. I didn’t want to turn into a 30-year-old who took handfuls of pills just to get through my day. The pills I had tried weren’t even working. I started with a chiropractor and had some relief, but I was still having flare ups frequently and my previous chiropractor said much of my pain was from the muscle contractors and tightness.

A friend suggested I look into dry needling. When I mentioned it to my chiropractor, he referred me to Dr. Jennings. I wanted a holistic approach to my medical problems since I’m planning on pregnancy soon and Dr. Jennings has given me this option.

Within just two dry needling appointments, I felt dramatic change. Muscles were relaxing that had been contracted for over two years. I felt energized and happy again. I was getting pain relief without pills. I’m sleeping better. There is some pain still, but it feels more like I worked out real hard and was sore. I look forward to my treatments and continue improvement.

If I were to recommend others to receive chiropractic care, I would use my word of mouth and share my wonderful experiences. Those that knew me have seen the change and I tell people I know that have had similar health problems that they should try it."   Olivia - Houston, DE

"I felt hopeless about constant pain everywhere. Medical doctors wanted to give me paid meds, and for some of the issues, operations. Some of the pain they could not explain. The pain meds did not even help, but had side effects.

 " I am able to do more things now than before, and I no longer feel hopeless. Especially with a condition that no one ever mentioned. It is lymphatic system related. When I get my lymphatic system drainage attended to, so much pain is relieved and I feel much better.

" At one time, years ago, I did not believe in chiropractic. But through the years, I have had times where I could hardly do anything, and was told by doctors that I must have surgery. I chose not to have surgery, so I definitely recommend chiropractic and nutrition." Michele - Denton, MD

What brought you to Chiropractics?

"I was introduced to chiropractic care over twenty years ago, but stopped going for various reasons. In 2003, I started having constant middle back and neck pain, so I visited several “medical” doctors and was told I had arthritis in my neck, carpal tunnel, and needed surgery. Surgery was just not something I wanted to do, so I started checking around and found myself making an appointment at Jennings Chiropractic Center. That was almost five years ago and I have been a wellness patient ever since, and this time I won’t make the mistake of stopping!

What changes have you noticed now that you are getting chiropractic adjustments?

Within a few adjustments, the pain was relieved, and within a year, I was pain free with close to a perfect scan, and yes, I was able to avoid surgery. Of course that was back in 2003-2004, and over the years as I age, you can bet I have found new challenges with the old body (a foot here, a knee there, etc.), but not to worry, because Dr. Jennings has found a way to help me every time.

Since becoming a wellness patient, I have also quit smoking, no longer get annual bronchitis for weeks on end, have not taken antibiotics in years or been to a medical doctor except for standard annual tests. I sleep better (love the water pillow), have better cognitive ability and handle the daily stress of life better (Nano-Greens are awesome if you haven’t tried them). I enjoy daily walks with my husband and Golden Retrievers (yep, I had foot problems at one time too), and have had minimal symptoms from my current journey into menopause (now that’s a major bonus!). Speaking of men…probably the most positive change came after two years of singing praises for Jennings Chiropractic, when my husband (Pete) finally agreed to walk through the door to see Dr. Jennings and he too avoided surgery and has been a wellness patience ever since. It’s always fun to do things together, and what a bonus when you both are healthy." Marie - Chester, MD